San Diego Sailing Tours Are Just What You Need!

If you want to experience the most fun in San Diego, sailing tours around the bay are just what you need. Hiring a catamaran is one of the most popular choices to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates. Families, co-workers, groups of friends, and even bachelorette parties looking to relax and enjoy the best of what life has to offer. You can either help sail the ship or just sit back and take in the fresh ocean air!

San Diego Sailing Tours

What We Offer

The best sailboat cruises in San Diego take place on our two yachting vessels: the Tigress and the Wind Drum. The Tigress is a large, comfortable catamaran that’s perfect for big parties or a more calming excursion, while the Wind Drum is a sportier catamaran that offers the fastest sailing charters in the United States. Features of the Tigress include:

  • Queen beds
  • Running water
  • Refrigerator
  • Hobie-pedal tandem kayaks
  • Seating area with a large table
  • Sunbathing net

    The Wind Drum features:

  • Cushioned seating
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Sunbathing net
  • Carbon fiber sails for the fastest charter in the nation

 At Fun Cat, we offer an afternoon and a sunset cruise throughout San Diego Bay. During daytime explorations, you can encounter tons of indigenous wildlife like majestic gray whales, playful dolphins, sea lions, and adorable seals. Indulge in some complimentary beverages and snacks while you catch some rays of sunshine or dangle your toes in the water. San Diego boat rides from Sail Fun Cat are the best way to enjoy the city’s rugged coastal beauty. Feeling a little chilly and you forgot a jacket? We have all the gear you need for any type of weather including jackets, gloves, sunscreen and sunglasses, and even binoculars to help you get a better view of the incredible aquatic life beneath the waves.

For smaller, private parties, our crew will help you customize the departure time, length of your cruise, and dining menu. Our years of experience working with corporate charters and other groups with special needs ensure that your day is nothing short of perfect.

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With multiple expeditions per day and over 25 years of sailing experience, Sail Fun Cat’s San Diego catamaran charter packages are the perfect day trip, date night, or evening activity. Give us a call or fill out our easy-to-use contact form and we’ll help you plan the dream cruise of a lifetime!

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