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San Diego sightseeing is best done at a beautiful new marina with the blue harbor and the pretty San Diego Skyline in the background. A refreshing breeze is already whistling through the palm trees. If you’re looking for where to find the best catamaran tour or boat rental San Diego has to offer, look no further! Your San Diego vacation just isn’t complete without sailing with Fun Cat!

Soon after you meet the friendly Captain of the “Tigress” for your San Diego boat tours, you step aboard the sailing catamaran for the first time. It’s big, rock solid stable, roomy, and easy to walk around on. It may be your first time sailing, or you may be a yacht club regatta champion, but with good winds blowing, you realize, “this is gonna be a lot of fun”.

With the quiet puttering of the engines, the “Tigress” pulls away from the dock and motors past the breakwater into the bay. She is turned into the wind, and the huge mainsail is hoisted until it reaches up into the blue sky. Then the most magical thing happens… it becomes quiet!

Your body begins to truly relax as you listen to the gentle sound of the water rushing past the bows. As the “Tigress” ghosts away from the shoreline, the wind freshens, fills the sails, and then the big San Diego catamaran cruise really begins to fly. But the funny thing is even at speeds similar to a motorized boat, the boat is still stable, not rolling around, and is still easy to walk around the warm decks in your bare feet. This combination of thrill and adventure with stability is what sets our catamaran tours in San Diego apart from other!
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Two large soft sunbathing trampolines await you, and in a flash you are lying on your belly watching the clear blue ocean water, rush under your new strange hammock. As you gaze down into the deep blue, the second magical moment of the day begins. Some sea-lions have come to say hello, swim and play with the boat.

After dozing off for a little nap on the trampolines forward, watching the beautiful white sails carving circles into the blue sky, you take a turn at the tiller to feel the power of the boat with your fingers.

As one of the best San Diego cruises and catamaran tours, Fun Cat Sail guarantees the experience of a lifetime!

Click on the photo for a family video of one our sails.

Why choose "Catamaran Sailing Adventures"?

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We have a passion for what we do, and absolutely love sharing, and protecting the magnificent whales and sea-life of the San Diego coastline. Our trips are run by an experienced Coast Guard Licensed Captain with over 25 years of experience.​
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Our Boat​

Feel the wind in the sails, take the helm, help sail, or just relax. Comfortable roomy cabin below with a bathroom, twin berths, and galley. Jackets provided for chilly days.​
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Small Size​

Since we only take small groups on our scheduled sails, you will be able to beat the crowds on the big boats. We are a small company, and take pride in providing attentive service.​
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Conservation Minded​

We feel the key to protecting the sea life, and our ocean, is education. After seeing the sea life, and spending the afternoon with us, we hope you will come away with a newfound appreciation for the Pacific, and memories to last a lifetime.​

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