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San Diego sailing tours by Fun Cat are the ideal choice when planning your private occasion! From birthday parties, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and more, we offer packages that are perfect for any small or large group seeking adventure tours.

San Diego Bay’s shimmering waters are host to all sorts of marine wildlife and offer some of the best views of the whole city while boat rides offer a more intimate, relaxed, and meaningful experience compared to traditional yachts.

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It all starts on one of two boats: the Tigress and the Wind Drum. While the Tigress is built for style and comfort, the Wind Drum offers the fastest daytime charters in the entire United States!

We suggest the Tigress for larger parties up to 13, as it is fully equipped with queen beds, running water, kayaks, dining area, and even a large net you can sunbathe on! The Wind Drum sails with 6 guests, and comes equipped with cushioned seating, bathroom facilities, a sunbathing net, and huge carbon fiber sails to give you the fastest party boat San Diego has to offer!

What’s The Occasion?

Have you ever taken a sunset sail cruise? San Diego Bay is the perfect place to spend a romantic evening as you sip wine and watch for dolphins or sea lions swimming between the waves. Maybe one of your friends is planning a birthday party or a bachelorette weekend in San Diego.

Have them plan it with Fun Cat where we give you total control of the music, decorations, food, and drinks to give you an individualized experience you won’t forget.

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When you’re in Southern California and you’re looking for a trusted and reliable party boat rental, San Diego only has one name in the business: Sail Fun Cat. Have a tight schedule? We offer tours throughout the day to better suit your needs. We’ll even include snacks and beverages! So call now, book your excursion, and sit back and relax with a glass of wine as you take in the magnificent sunset arching over the San Diego skyline.

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