Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

The Best Boat Rides San Diego Has!

How does Fun Cat Sailing have the best boat rides San Diego has to offer? Because our catamarans are simply more fun to sail!

A: Since our boat is very stable, shaded, and safe, this catamaran allows us to take out every type of person from youngsters to seniors with some physical challenges. We pride ourselves in making everybody feel "at home" on any San Diego sailboat cruise we offer.

A: Bring a camera, sunscreen, ,sunglasses, hat, and a windbreaker for those cool evenings during the sunset boat cruise in San Diego. Since the best month for San Diego whale watching ranges from December to April, be sure to stay warm during this time! 

A: Only if you like. The area in the back of our catamaran is completely protected from sun, and spray. You may get some spray on you if you venture on to the sunbathing trampolines on the front of the boat during our sailing tours San Diego. 

A: Yes. We are certified ASA San Diego sailing instructors, and would be happy to let you take the tiller, or handle the lines on our private boat tour in San Diego. This can be a "hands on" experience, or you can just lie around and relax.

A: Yes. We have a large bathroom below decks and a private changing area. This is a big boat with 2 queen staterooms, and a galley (kitchen).

A: Since we use a specially designed catamaran, we have had very few guests get seasick on our trips. Our boats simply don't roll around like all single hulled boats. Our non-rolling catamaran is especially nice on the ocean, following whales, dolphins and sea-lions. So whether you book our popular adventure tours or sunset boat tours San Diego has to offer, we guarantee this private boat tour California residents and tourists love will be worth it!


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