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Come check out our boat tours San Diego locals and tourists love! Don’t bother with other attractions in San Diego, come book a charter on the bay area’s premier catamaran. Fun Cat Sailing San Diego provides a fun and relaxing day for visitors and locals to explore the beautiful ocean during their San Diego vacation.

Our catamaran boat rides in San Diego provide sailing trips that are fun for the whole family, not to mention a unique view of San Diego’s rocky coastline from the comfort and luxury of a big catamaran. During our San Diego boat cruise, you can help sail, launch kayaks off the boat, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

This is the best catamaran San Diego customers will find. There are many fun things to do in San Diego for adults, but with over 25 years of San Diego sailing experience, we know how to make your special day on the ocean as perfect as can be.

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Afternoon Sailing adventures and romantic sunset cruises leaving Daily.
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Our stable sailing catamaran offers the best sunset sailing adventure in San Diego.
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Tigress our Catamaran is the perfect boat to come aboard and enjoy one of your most special days.

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Sailing Adventures in San Diego

Arriving at a beautiful new marina with the blue harbor, and the pretty San Diego Skyline in the background.

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The “Tigress” is a custom built, big ocean going catamaran specially designed for exciting day sail charters and whale watching. We brought this catamaran 5000 miles through the Panama Canal just for you to enjoy.

  • Swift and stable design ensures a comfortable and exhilarating ride without the "rolling" & "heeling" (leaning) that often causes seasickness on other boats.
  • Kick your shoes off and feel the warm deck under your feet. Enjoy our special bow trampolines designed for sunbathing, and lounging around watching the sea life, and water rush by.
  • Shady, warm, cushioned seating area for relaxing out of the wind and sun.
  • Our deep and roomy seating area is fully protected with a windshield, and is especially comfortable for elderly, people, and safe for children.
  • Since our catamaran is a very fast boat, we are able to see more sights during your sail, and also sailing faster is more FUN.

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