Where To Go Whale Watching In California: Catamaran Sailing Tours

Do you ever sit around with your family trying to plan a vacation, wondering where to go whale watching in California can be the adventure of a lifetime! San Diego is one of the hottest spots on the planet for whale watching tours. There’s no better way to get a close-up glimpse of nature’s elusive giants than to take a thrilling expedition on the high seas aboard a deluxe catamaran vessel. The intrepid team here at Fun Cat Sailing has been in the sailing charter business for over 30 years, and our customer satisfaction is unrivaled.

When you’re curious about booking your trip, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is when to see whales in San Diego? Traditionally, most people go in the months winter and spring months between December and April, as this is the gray whale migration season.Sailing Trips San DiegoHow long is a whale watching tour?

The typical daily Fun Cat catamaran cruise lasts just over three hours. Along the way you might also encounter sea lions, seals, marine birds, dolphins, and gray whales, Our comfortable sunbathing nets offer majestic views of the bay’s rocky coastline as well as a breath of fresh air. If captaining the ship is more your style, our roomy cabin below deck is a great place to relax with a complimentary snack and a beverage. Whether you’re booking a bachelorette party or a small family gathering of up to 12 people, Fun Cat’s whale watching tours are sure to satisfy every party’s love and curiosity for our aquatic ecosystem.

We hope to strengthen your appreciation for our oceans through the magic you’ll witness on our cruises. We’re environmentally conscious, committed to providing not just a good time, but also an educational one. This is great news for dolphin lovers. You won’t worry about how to see dolphins in San Diego either, as Fun Cat tours encounter them on many voyages! Watch them swim right up to the boat as you take souvenir snapshots, a safer and eco-friendlier alternative to swimming with captive dolphins.

With rates starting at just $85 per person, Fun Cat Sailing is a tremendous way to enjoy an extravagant journey without the extravagant fees. Contact us now and take your next vacation to sunny San Diego and we’ll show you the beauty of the seas!


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