Is Kamagra safe? How to treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction

Sex life is an essential part of a person’s life. Unfortunately, today, the deterioration of potency due to the reduction of erection is quite common nowadays. But a good sex life is one of the most important keys to a happy personal life.

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Why an erection can disappear

The causes of this phenomenon may be different: diseases of internal organs, psychological trauma, stressful conditions, overwork, sad sexual experience.

Causes of poor erection

It can be increased pressure, atherosclerosis, the causes of which are usually poor nutrition, diabetes, smoking, hormonal imbalance.

The use of excessive doses of alcohol, other harmful substances, sexually transmitted infections, radiation exposure also does not have a positive effect on the work of internal organs, including the prostate. Independent prostate diseases, such as adenoma or prostatitis, also have a negative impact on its functions, and, therefore, on potency, up to its complete disappearance – impotence.

If the erection worsens, the doctor will also pay attention to the functioning of the urinary system – the activity of the kidneys, bladder.

If the erection falls quickly, you need to pay attention to the condition of the organs of the urinary system. The causes are often inflammation of the bladder or urinary tract. Inflammation of the testicles is another reason why an erection disappears quickly.

Heart and vascular diseases

Since erection is primarily a credit to the proper functioning of blood vessels that provide blood supply to the penis, one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction is the disruption of the cardiovascular system.

With age, due to the deterioration of blood vessels deteriorates the work of many organs, and the prostate is no exception. The causes of vascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, are also poor nutrition, smoking, endocrine system diseases.